Recent Works

September 8 - October 15, 2011
Reception: Thurs., Sept 15 - 6pm to 9pm

NEW YORK, NY, SEPTEMBER 2011 - ACCOLA GRIEFEN GALLERY is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition - Ray Oglesby recent work. The exhibition will be on view from September 8th - October 15, 2011, with a reception on Thursday, September 15 from 6pm to 9pm.

In his first full-scale solo exhibition, Ray Oglesby masterfully combines the line quality and scale of graffiti “writing” with other ideas and forms more proper to New York School painting and Pop art.  In simplifying and distilling early influence, Oglesby has created a distinctive visual vocabulary that remains as energized and animated as its origins.

The exhibition includes works on canvas and large-scale sculpture-paintings that consist of cut and layered plywood. Each three-dimensional piece operates in the realm of a paper cutout, rather than retaining the physicality of sculpture. Forms are rendered to suggest a softening of the rigid material, offering the illusion of receding and projecting space.  Ribbon-like lines, circles and cylinders populate the pieces, weaving an anthropomorphic and mischievous life of their own. In this way, Oglesby draws on the multiple associations of the cylinder / conduit: blood vessel, aqueduct, air passage - both base and scientific, elegant and evocative. Returning to their urban roots, the works also reference the endless underground pipelines of water, electricity, gas, steam and waste that form a city’s infrastructure and make its existence possible. With this deceivingly playful visual language the work sustains a complexity of conflicting impulses that infer both the doing and undoing of positive and negative forces.

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