Ray Oglesby


Ray Oglesby was born in Queens, NY in 1971. He grew up in New York City, living several years in Dublin, Ireland.  By the late 1980s Oglesby had already accomplishing numerous large-scale murals and graffiti pieces throughout New York City,  establishing a name (though in the tradition of the artform he initially favored – an anonymous one) for himself and a high level of respect from his peers and predecessors in the underground movement.

In 1993 Oglesby was accepted to Bard College where he studied under Judy Pfaff and Amy Sillman. There he developed his unique style, which mixes the energy, line quality and scale of graffiti with other ideas and forms more proper toNew York School painting and Pop Art.  At the same time embracing and critiquing the environmental, site specific and durational nature of graffiti as a genre, at Bard, Oglesby executed a number of monumental installation works which took his own early career into the third dimension of space and referenced the medium’s particular relationship to the passing of time.  

In 1998 Oglesby returned to New York City where he established his studio and residence in Brooklyn. For the past thirteen years the artist has been working both on commissioned public murals as well as on works intended for an indoor setting. His work has been included in exhibitions at Goliath Gallery, Fuentes Gallery, Floating Galleries and Sideshow Gallery among others. Ray Oglesby’s first full-scale solo exhibition was held in September 2011, inaugurating Accola Griefen Gallery in Chelsea, New York.