Rhonda Wall at Spring Break Art Fair, NY, NY

Rhonda Wall

March 3-8, 2015
Rhonda Wall's mixed media collages are inspired by personal experiences and current socio-political events. Combining imagery from disparate sources across a painted setting, Wall makes past, present and future merge. The artist has culled materials from such resources as scientific textbooks, fashion magazines, video stills and greeting cards. Many of the works include vibrant, textured patterns that are made up of biological structures at the molecular level. Of her process, Wall writes: "In the studio I'm not afraid of anything. I like that things are unpredictable, like a game…" Her mash-ups of repeating images create dream – and sometimes nightmare – visions as she interprets the delirium of life in our frenetic and threatening globalized world. At the same time, the figures that populate these liminal spaces are not only pawns in the artists’ game but also the determined protagonists of her mysterious non-linear narratives.