In Between

January 17 - February 23, 2013
Opening: Thurs Jan 17 6pm - 8pm

In up to life-size works on paper and one translucent sculptural work in soap, Keun Young Park depicts the body in a state of becoming. In the Dream Series Park shows the human form in various moments of evocative transition. Like Daphne pursued by the amorous Apollo, in Dream Birds 15, the figure transforms into a tree-like form, emitting a flock of crows.

Each work on paper begins with an original photograph.  Park methodically and meditatively deconstructs the archival print into thousands of tiny pieces, reassembling the parts as a collage on paper.  In many works, such as Float Face, the portions the artist eliminates are significant by their absence. Park’s forms are rendered in gentle gradients of subtly vibrant hues, which conjure up thoughts of both the beginning of life and its end. This sense of disembodiment is balanced with a fullness of form and physicality that is derived from the artist’s dual practice as a sculptor.

Keun Young Park was born in Seoul, South Korea, where she received her BFA and MFA Degrees in Sculpture at Seoul National University. Since 2005, Park has lived and worked in New York City and New Jersey. She has received awards from A.I.R. Gallery and Artist Talk on Art as well as residencies with Vermont Studio Residency Program, Triangle Arts Workshop and the Newark Museum of Art.  Park has had numerous solo and group exhibits in the United States, Korea and Beijing at venues including The Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery at the University of Nevada; Smart Gallery, New York; Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York; Tria Gallery, New York; Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York and Ducksu Palace Art Museum, Korea among others.