Art x Women at The Affordable Art Fair BOOTH A4

Lauren Simkin Berke, Victoria Burge, Caroline Burton, Kira Green, Malia Jensen, Barbara Klein, Martha Posner, Judy Pfaff, Rhonda Wall and Nancy Cohen

May 5-8, 2011
ACCOLA GRIEFEN GALLERY is pleased to announce participation in The Affordable Art Fair NYC 2011

Booth A4

Thursday May 5 – Sunday May 8
7 West 34th St, Near 5th Ave NYC

Visit AAF site to view works on view

AAF will include Special Installations by two Accola Griefen Gallery Artists:

The Irregular Pattern by Lauren Simkin Berke

The installation The Irregular Pattern is a study of a particular moment, showing the fabulous toughness of women from a time when strength and wiliness are not a part of the standard [re]imagined history of American life. This piece incorporates a drawing based on a 1947 photo of two women posing with their bicycles overlaying a handmade pattern based on wall coverings from my grandmother's kitchen.

P(n,k)Combinatorics by Nancy Cohen
At the core of Nancy Cohen’s work is the intense contradiction between fragility and strength, both in our personal lives and in the broader environment.  One body of recent work focuses on the latter and comprises a series of studies of waterways and natural systems realized in collaboration with scientists and environmentalists.  Another shifts perspective from the vulnerability and tenacity of nature to that of the individual navigating a perilous world.

Her recent installation P(n,k) [combinatoric]2 is a merging of these parallel bodies of work.  It evokes scientific structures—molecules or marine fossils—but, equally, human memories and associations—the movement of a slinky, the touch of an accordion key.  We connect to these elements as they meander across a wall and yet they retain the ambiguity and the distance of a natural phenomenon moving at its own pace and following its own logic.

Cohen’s working methods merge material and formal concerns with content to explore the interplay of these ideas.   She counterpoises skin and structure, exploits extreme imbalances in weight, incorporates light into physical constructions.  All of this allows her to make literal the delicate, ephemeral balance of her subjects.

And even when these are environmental, there is an implication of the personal.  The body is always implied—its touch and tenderness, its frailty and endurance.   In this work, as in our own lives, elements hang in the balance, each one necessary, tenuous and connected.

ABOUT ART BY WOMEN: The Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring 2011 will host Art x Women, a special section of nine galleries exhibiting solely work by women artists.  As the first fair to present such a focus, we are extremely excited to launch this project at a time when there is an overwhelming interest in women artists and feminist art. In recent years numerous articles in publications such as ArtNews, The New York Times, New York Magazine and Art in America as well as many recent large-scale exhibits such as "WACK, Women Art and Revolution," curated by Cornelia Butler, "ELLE@CentrePompidou", and the founding of the ground breaking Elisabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum as well as significant publications such at MoMA's new Modern Women have placed women artists at the forefront like never before.

At the Spring 2011 fair, there will be special programming dedicated to the Art x Women section featuring talks on collecting art by women, artists discussing their process, and walking tours of the featured galleries.