Accola Griefen Gallery

Mary Grigoriadis


2013    Accola Griefen Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
2012    Accola Griefen Gallery, “Visual Feast - A Pattern & Decoration Exhibition,” New York
2012    Kouros Gallery, “The Other Greece,” New York
2009    Kresge Art Museum, “Recent Acquisitions 2006-2009,” East Lansing, MI
2008    United States Embassy, “Contemporary Art by American Women,” Belgrade, Serbia
2008    A.I.R. Gallery, “The History Show,” Brooklyn, NY
2008    Werkstatte Gallery, “A.I.R. Gallery Retrospective: 1972-1979,” New York
2007    United States Embassy Annex, “Embassy Art Collection,” Athens, Greece
2007    Tabla Rasa Gallery, “Women’s Work, Homage to Feminist Art,” Brooklyn, NY
2006    National Museum of Women in the Arts, “Vistas and Visions,” Washington, DC
2004    Parrish Art Museum, “Recent Acquisitions: Framing the Collection,” Southampton
2004    National Museum of Women in the Arts, “Modern and Contemporary Art: Selections from the Permanent Collection,” Washington, DC
2004    A.I.R. Gallery, “Sketches,” New York
2003    United States Embassy, “Art in Embassies,” Cape Town, South Africa
2003    United States Embassy, “Art in Embassies,” Pretoria, South Africa
2002    Guild Hall Museum, “Personal and Political: The Women’s Art Movement, 1969-1975,” East Hampton, NY
2002    Guild Hall Museum, “Works from the Permanent Collection,” East Hampton, NY
2001    Lowe Gallelry, “Drawing, Line, Skill, Imagination,” New York
2000    State Museum of Contemporary Art, “Modern Odysseys,” Thessaloniki, Greece
1999    Queens Museum of Art, “Modern Odysseys,” New York
1998    55 Mercer Gallery, “Four by Four,” New York
1996    Rutgers University, “25 Years of Feminism, 25 Years of Women’s Art,” New Brunswick, NJ
1996    Barnard College, “Open Book,” New York
1995    National Museum of Women in the Arts, “Establishing the Legacy: Renaissance to Modernism,” Washington, DC
1994    Bernard-Biederman Fine Art, “Texture as Art,” New York
1991    Franklin Furnace, “Burning in Hell,” New York
1990    Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, “The Definitive Contemporary American Quilt,” New York (Travelled in the United States and Japan through 1991)
1990    The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, “Marcel Duchamp’s Mother’s Potato-Masher and Other Works of Art: A Gift of Best Products,” Richmond, VA
1990    Cooper Union, “New Voices,” New York
1990    H.B.O Headquarters, “Contemporary American Painting: An Alternative View,” New York, NY
1990    Springs Gallery, “Memory and Artifact,” East Hampton, NY
1989    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition  - “Fifteen Years,”  New York
1988    Barnard College - Solo Exhibition - New York
1988    Muse Gallery,  “A.I.R. at Muse,” Philadelphia, PA
1988    Hellenic American Union, “New Acquisitions of the Vorres Museum,” Athens, GR
1988    AartVark Gallery, “Three Artists,” Philadelphia, PA
1987    Guild Hall Museum, “New Spaces, New Faces,” East Hampton, NY
1987    A.I.R. Gallery, “9,”  New York
1986    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
1986    Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, “Let’s Play House,” New York
1985    Bernice Steinbaum Gallelry, “Adornments,” New York (Travelled nationally through 1986)
1984    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
1984    Douglsss College, “Representative Works, 1971-1984,” Women Artists Series,
1984    New Brunswick, NJ
1983    Helen Shlien Gallery, - Solo Exhibition - Boston, MA
1983    Barreto and DeJesus, “American and Latin Drawings,” Boston, MA
1983    Queensborough College Art Gallery, “The Walls of the Seventies,” New York
1982    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
1982    Lunds Konsthall, “A.I.R.,” Stockholm, Sweden
1981    Helen Shlien Gallery - Solo Exhibition - Boston, MA
1981    Douglass College, “Tenth Anniversary Retrospective,” New Brunswick, NJ
1981    Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, “New Dimensions in Drawing,” Ridgefield
1980    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
1980    State University of New York, “Eight from New York,” Stony Brook, NY
1980    Alternative Museum, “Islamic Allusions,” New York
1979    Douglass College - Solo Exhibition - New Brunswick, NJ
1979    Andre Zarre Gallery, “Pattern Painting,” New York
1978    Gallery K - Solo Exhibition - Washington, DC
1978    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
1978    Helen Shlien Gallery - Solo Exhibition - Boston, MA
1978    State University of New York, “Women Artists from New York,” Stony Brook, NY
1978    Douglass College, “Decorative Art - Recent Works,” New Brunswick, NJ
1978    P.S. #1, “A.I.R. - An Overview 1972-1978,” New York
1978    Gladstone-Villani Gallery, “Pattern on Paper,” New York
1978    Gallery Ginza Kaigakan, “A.I.R. Gallery Artists,” Tokyo, Japan
1978    Rice University, “Pattern Painting,” Houston, TX
1977    P.S. #1, “Pattern Painting,” New York
1977    Albright-Knox Museum, “ Small Works,”  Buffalo, NY
1977    The Brooklyn Museum, “Noemata,” Brooklyn, NY
1977    Kathryn Markel Gallery, “A.I.R. Print Portfolio,” New York
1977    Munson-Williams Proctor Institute, “A Critic’s Choice,” Utica, NY
1976    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
1976    OK Harris Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
1975    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York
1975    The Bronx Museum of the Arts, “The Year of the Woman,” Bronx, NY
1974    American Academy of Arts and Letters, “Award Exhibition,” New York
1974    Museum of the Philadelphia Civic Center, “Women’s Work-American Art,” Phil., PA
1973    Whitney Museum of American Art, “Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art,” NY
1972    A.I.R. Gallery - Solo Exhibition - New York

2002    Advisory Board Member, A.I.R. Gallery: 2002 to date
1989    New York Foundation for the Arts, Fellowship Award in Drawing

The Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond, VA
Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, East Lansing, MI
The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
Chase Manhattan Bank Art Collection
Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, OH
Hoffman La Roche Corporation, Geneva, Switzerland
First National Bank of Chicago
Cabot Corporation, Boston, MA
The Vorres Museum, Athens, Greece
Best Products, Richmond, VA
Electronic Data Systems Corporation
The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY
United States Embassy Annex, Athens, Greece
The National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Foundation for Life,  Mount Kisco, NY
Lincoln Hospital, New York
The Boston Co., Boston, MA
Prudential Insurance Corporation
The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Richmond, VA
Continental Insurance Companies
Derfner Museum, Riverdale, NY
Southwest Bank, Miami, Fl
Joan Flasch Artists’ Books (SIAC), Chicago
The Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY

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