Keun Young Park


Keun Young Park depicts the body in a state of transformation. Her works on paper show floating figures, faces, draped arms and cupped hands, which appear to be disintegrating and reforming at once.  The artist begins her process with original photographs keyed to various evocative hues. The images are shredded by hand into thousands of tiny pieces that are then reassembled. Between the pasted pieces are thin, white, vein-like lines that reveal the texture of the paper’s edge. Park’s practice has a relationship to the precision of Pointillism, the uniformity of Benday dots and the repetition of digital pixilation but her works retain a tactile, hand-made quality through the irregularly shaped elements from which they are formed.
 “I intend to reflect upon the a-static character of existence in the flow of time…I attempt to capture the tremor of unstable presence,” writes Park. Each work vibrates with a quiet energy, conjuring up thoughts of both the beginning of life and its end. This sense of disembodiment is balanced with a fullness of form and physicality that is derived from the artist’s earlier practice as a sculptor.
Keun Young Park as born in Seoul, South Korea, where she received her BFA and MFA Degrees in Sculpture at Seoul National University. Since 2005, Park has lived and worked in New York City and New Jersey. She has received awards from A.I.R. Gallery, Artist Talk on Art, and the New Jersey State Council of the Arts, as well as residencies with Vermont Studio Residency Program and Triangle Arts Workshop.  Park has had numerous solo and group exhibits in the United States, Korea and Beijing at venues including Jim Kempner Fine Art, Tria Gallery, Ducksu Palace Art Museum, the School of Central Academy of Fine Arts, The Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery at the University of Nevada and Scope Art Fair.